Important Information
to Prepare for Your
Upcoming Volunteer

Over 70 volunteers from Las Vegas and across the country will donate their time and talents to the successful execution of all ACM events including the 54th ACM Awards, ACM Party for a Cause events, and the Lifting Lives Topgolf Tee-Off.

Led by a team of veteran ACM Volunteer Leads, our volunteers will be placed in roles including ACM hosts, talent escorts, directional roles, rehearsal monitors, production, and everything in between. This website serves as a virtual orientation and we expect you to arrive for your first shift having thoroughly read through this website and its contents before our Volunteer Orientation.

2019 ACM

Thursday, April 5
MGM Grand Garden Arena

Volunteer Orientation registration is located in the upper lobby of MGM Grand Garden Arena - near Blizz Frozen Yogurt

4:00pm-6:30pm: Volunteer Registration
6:30 - 8:00pm: Orientation

  • NEW IN 2019! All ACM Volunteers will need to have a credential photo taken.

    • We suggest you arrive between 4-6:00pm to get your photo taken and credential printed. After you have received your credential, you will be free to grab dinner or explore the MGM Grand Casino and shops until 6:30pm.

    • If you arrive after 6:00pm, you will risk not getting your credential on Thursday and potentially delaying your first shift on Friday. You will not be able to start your first shift without a credential.

  • Upon arrival at MGM Grand Garden Arena, REGISTER at the ACM Volunteer Check-in area near Blizz Frozen Yogurt (located in “The District”). We will have volunteers there starting at 4:00pm and they will instruct you how to get your credential.

  • ALL Volunteers will be escorted to the orientation meeting room in Grand Garden Arena at 6:30pm. If you arrive late, you will not be allowed access to our meeting location and you will miss orientation. SO DON’T BE LATE!

  • If this is your first time to Las Vegas and/or you are not familiar with the MGM Grand, please give yourself plenty of time to find Blizz Yogurt/MGM Grand Garden Arena. Plan on arriving early!

  • If you CANNOT attend orientation, please email IN ADVANCE

Walking Directions to Orientation/Volunteer Registration

Walk into the Casino and at turn right just past Lobby Bar. Continue past Concierge towards KA Box Office. Pass Wolfgang Puck and turn right, towards the District. Continue through the District past PUB 1842. Blizz Frozen Yogurt will be on your left just before you reach Grand Garden Arena.


Enter the resort from Las Vegas Boulevard. Walk towards Centrifuge and stay to the left passing The Buffet. Continue through the Casino, passing Jabbawockeez Theater. Walk towards Avenue Café. Continue past CRUSH. Turn right when you reach L’atelier and continue through the Casino towards the District. Continue through the District past PUB 1842. Blizz Frozen Yogurt will be on your left just before you reach Grand Garden Arena.


initlive app.jpg


InitLive will be our main communication tool starting the week of April 1. You will receive your schedule via InitLive, notifications with important updates and schedule changes, be able to view documents (like event schedules) and communicate directly with your Lead/shift supervisor. It does it all! 

Before the Volunteer Orientation on Thursday, April 4, please DOWNLOAD the InitLive app on your smartphone. The InitLive app is available for both Android and IOS/iPhone. Note: If prompted, make sure you allow InitLive to send notifications. Once you are in the InitLive app on your smartphone:

  • Click on the InitLive logo (upper left corner of the app) and ensure all your information is updated in the "My Profile" section: Cell phone number, email address, emergency contact info, t-shirt size, mailing address, etc.

  • PLEASE upload your photo! We are all about to meet 75+ new friends and photos really help as we are trying to learn names.

  • If you do not have a smartphone with the InitLive app installed, you will still receive text messages with any scheduling changes.

Our event will "go live" in InitLive the week of April 1 and you will then be able to view your schedule. An announcement will be posted in our Facebook group when schedules have been released and we will have a brief INitLive training session at orientation. It is very easy to use; however, and we'd be happy to provide one-on-one assistance after orientation.


  • Plan on arriving for your shift 15 minutes prior to the time listed in InitLive. Please take traffic, transportation, parking and walking time into account when planning your arrival. There is not free/designated volunteer parking at any of our venues; so if driving, please plan your parking strategy in advance.

  • Your schedule is subject to change once it is released. Events are ever-changing and we sometimes need to adjust start/end times or roles. You will be alerted of any schedule changes via the InitLive app. Thank you in advance for your flexibility!


ACM 2019 Volunteer tee.jpg

You will be issued two short-sleeve ACM Volunteer shirts. Unless otherwise directed you will wear these shirts for all of your shifts.  Proper attire while wearing your shirt includes jeans, pants, skirts, or shorts as long as your clothes are in good condition (clean, no holes, appropriate length, etc).

Some volunteers may be issued a radio – consider wearing a belt so your pants don’t fall down!

You may also want to bring a small, pocket-sized USB portable phone battery charger so you can always stay connected via InitLive. Also remember to bring cash or a credit card for meal breaks.

Many shifts at the MGM Grand on Sunday, April 7 will require dress clothes or black pants with your ACM shirt. If your shift requires dress clothes or black pants, it will be indicated in InitLive. If you have any doubts about what to wear on Sunday, please feel free to ask a Volunteer Lead.



Footwear: Comfortable, closed-toe shoes are a must! You could be on your feet for extended periods of time. For your safety, all shoes must be closed-toe. If your schedule calls for “dress clothes” on Sunday/Awards day, please ensure you wear comfortable shoes that allow you to move efficiently and be on your feet for long periods of time. In simple terms - don’t wear those cute heels if you can’t walk in them.

Dress Clothes:  If traveling from out of town, please pack at least one “dressier” option. You never know where you may be assigned at the last minute. Shifts for the Awards and special events often call for more professional attire – dress shirt, nice slacks, dresses...basically something you would feel proud to wear in front of VIPs. Some shifts throughout the weekend will require your ACM shirt and BLACK PANTS. Assume you should wear your ACM shirt unless mentioned in the job description in InitLive. Again – make sure your shoes are comfortable. Your Leads can also answer any dress code questions you may have for a particular shift.

Weather: Be prepared for any type of weather! This could include sunglasses, sunscreen, rain jacket/poncho, and dressing in layers for cool, Spring Vegas nights. Some assignments are outdoors and/or in the early morning and evening.

Logos and auxiliary clothing: You may carry a bag (small backpack, purse, crosspack, or waist/fanny pack), wear a hat, or wear a long-sleeve shirt under your uniform shirt. Due to sponsor agreements, bags and clothing items may not display any logo other than official ACM merchandise. 

Free Time:  Bring clothes to wear when you are not working. It is strictly prohibited to wear your ACM Volunteer shirt or credentials when you are off-duty. This includes turning your shirt inside-out. If you are wearing your shirt and/or credentials, it means you are on-shift and working as a representative of the Academy of Country Music.



Prior to April 4: Contact Sheri via email or our Facebook group

April 4-7: Contact your Volunteer Lead as assigned in InitLive. You will be able to communicate with your Lead directly from the InitLive app.

Seek Solutions. Be proactive. Ask questions!
“I don’t know” is never an acceptable answer for our guests. Better answer? “That’s a great question. Let me find out that answer for you”.

If you have learned something that might be valuable for other volunteers to know, please let your Volunteer Lead know so we can share it via InitLive or at the Volunteer Office


We encourage you to share your ACM experience with friends and family. However, the Academy has established some simple guidelines for posting on any form of social media. 

  • Do not post or allow in a photograph any part of the issued credentials.

  • Do not take any photos of artists or ask for autographs during your shift or when you are wearing your ACM shirt/credential.

  • Photographs that you take at locations which can be accessed by the general public are okay to post. If you are in an area that the general public cannot access, you should not be taking photos. As you may have access to exclusive locations, events, etc., there will be no posting on any social media any photos, stories, videos, etc. that arise from these opportunities. Anything behind-the-scenes is off limits for sharing. ALWAYS use good taste and ask your Lead if in doubt.

  • You may be privy to information that has not yet been announced to the general public - you are never allowed to share this information in any way.

  • There is no posting of video from Academy events, no live streaming, and at no time any photographs or videos from rehearsals.

  • Please do not allow your social media networking and posting to interfere in any way with your work commitments.

  • Although you represent the Academy, please direct ALL media inquiries to the appropriate staff.

  • Always feel free to share, retweet, reblog, etc. any or all of the Academy’s social media posts. And don’t forget hashtags!

    • ACM Party for a Cause: #ACMparty

    • Awards: #ACMawards



Your Volunteer Lead will assign break times during your shift.

All volunteers are responsible for their own meals, but light snacks and water will be provided throughout your shift. Please plan on bringing a snack, lunch, or cash/credit card to purchase meals or specialty beverages (soda, coffee, etc) during your break.


Don't disappoint Luke.
  • SAFETY: If you have any safety or security concerns during your shift - either for your own safety or others - contact your Captain or Lead immediately. This may include potential safety/tripping hazards; suspicious objects, behavior, or activities; accidents or injuries; or any other concern. For any shift or event that you are assigned, make sure you identify the exits and egress points. Further safety training will be covered at our volunteer orientation.

  • ALCOHOL AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE: You must arrive for your shift substance-free and remain so throughout your shift. Even if you are not working, you must never drink alcohol in your ACM shirt or credential.

  • ACCREDITATION: If you are issued a credential, you must wear it for all shifts and will not be allowed venue access without it. Posting photos of your credential to social media is grounds for immediate revocation of your accreditation and removal from the volunteer program.

  • VENUE ACCESS: Wristbands and credentials are a privilege and essential for your position. If you are not assigned to work in a certain area or zone, you should not be there. Any abuse or inappropriate use of your access with result in immediately removal from the volunteer program.





  • Prepare: We expect for you to arrive well-rested, with a full stomach, and ready to work!

  • Open: Open InitLive on your desktop or phone to check for schedule changes or receive messages

  • Wear: Your uniform shirt, credential, and comfortable, closed-toe shoes

  • Bring: Money for your meal break, pen (and small tablet of paper if you like to take notes), fully charged smartphone with InitLive app and phone charger/portable charger


  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time
    -Consider traffic, parking, and walking time when planning your arrival
    -If you are late, message your Volunteer Lead via InitLive
    -The time on your schedule is the time you should be at your post

  • Check-in with your Volunteer Lead
    -If you are having problems accessing the venue, contact your Lead via InitLive


  • Take your breaks! Your Volunteer Lead will schedule your breaks. Please take them to eat, hydrate, enjoy the event, or take a quiet moment away from the action.

  • Check InitLive. Messages, documents, and scheduling changes will be updated throughout the day. If you do not have a smartphone, your Volunteer Lead can assist.

  • Seek Solutions. Be proactive. Ask questions! “I don’t know” is never an acceptable answer for our guests. Better answer? “That’s a great question. Let me find out that answer for you”. If you have learned something that might be valuable for other volunteers to know, please let your Volunteer Lead or Captain know so we can share it via InitLive or the Daily News.

  • Please feel free to post on social media as long as it does not interfere with your position. We want you to share your experience with friends and family!
    -Adhere to our social media guidelines as posted on the ACM Volunteer website.
    -Never photograph, take videos, or post anything that the general public cannot see.
    -When in doubt, don’t post it.
    -And don’t forget hashtags! Party For A Cause: #ACMparty Awards: #ACMawards

  • Have Fun!


  • Check-out with your Lead and have them sign you out in InitLive. It is important that we know you have completed your shift and been dismissed by your Volunteer Lead.

  • Do not wear your ACM shirt or credentials when you are not working. If you are enjoying an ACM event after your shift, please change clothes and remove your credential. NEVER drink alcohol while wearing your shirt or credential.