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How many volunteers are there this year?

70+ volunteers from 14 states (and Canada, too!)

How long are shifts? What do I do if I want to volunteer even more than I’m scheduled?

Shift lengths will vary, but most will fall in the 4-6 hour range. Some volunteers will have longer shifts on Saturday because it is a busy day with two ACM Party for a Cause events and Awards show operations at MGM. If you would like to assist on additional shifts outside of your normal schedule, please let Stacie Abney, Volunteer Lead, know after the Thursday orientation.

Do we get to meet the artists?

As a credentialed, official ACM Volunteer you will have access to the “behind the scenes” of what it takes to produce the ACM Awards and ACM Party for a Cause events. You will have access to spaces that the general public cannot access. There is a very good chance that your role will require you to interact with artists and management or be in the same vicinity as artists. It is very important that we act professional at all times in order to make the talent feel safe and comfortable. At no time should you take photos or ask for autographs during a shift. We take this very seriously and this will also be addressed at Orientation. Please also refer to the Social Media Guidelines posted on the Important Information page of this website.

I'm traveling from out of town - any hotel recommendations?

All volunteer assignments will be at or near MGM Grand Casino and Conference Center. There is a MGM monorail stop, so your hotel options are endless!

How do I get to my shift? Where can I park?

You are responsible for your own transportation to/from your shift. Designated/free volunteer parking is not available at MGM Grand or any of the ACM Party for a Cause venues. If driving, please plan your parking strategy in advance.

May I bring a bag to my shift?

Please only carry the essentials with you to your shift. There will not be a secure place for bag storage, but you are welcome to wear a purse, crosspack, waist/fanny pack or small backpack to carry essentials (phone, snack, etc.) If your shift is at MGM Grand Garden Arena (not a Party for a Cause event), you may leave items in the Volunteer Office, but we take no responsibility for your personal items.

Will I get to go to the Awards? Can I attend the ACM Party for a Cause events if I'm not working?

At this time, there are no complimentary tickets available for the ACM Party for a Cause events, Awards show, or ACM Lifting Lives Topgolf Tee-off. Your credentials DO NOT allow you access to any ACM events or the awards. If you are assigned to work at an ACM Party for a Cause Event, your shift Lead will ensure you get the proper wristband access for your shift.

When will I get my schedule?

You will receive your schedule via InitLive the week of April 1. Unless you have made prior arrangements with Sheri, All Volunteers will be scheduled to work on Friday 4/5, Saturday 4/6, and Sunday 4/7. Please keep your schedule clear for those days. And please note that your schedule is subject to change once it is released. Events are ever-changing and we sometimes need to adjust start/end times or roles. You will be alerted of any schedule changes via the InitLive app. Thank you in advance for your flexibility!

Who are all the Dr Pepper guests that come to the ACMs every year? Are they prize winners?

Dr Pepper is one of the sponsors for the show and PFAC events. Since they are a large company, they have many employees that come to the events to celebrate their sponsorship.

What happens to the guitars and programs that are signed by artists at the awards and PFAC events?

The guitars, posters and programs signed at the show are brought back to the ACM office in Encino, California. There, they are either put on display or kept safe to be donated to groups or charities in the future.

What is the difference between the CMAs and ACMs?

CMA stands for Country Music Association and ACM (us) is the Academy of Country Music - two separate entities. CMA is a for-profit company while ACM is a non-profit company. We have a philanthropic arm called Lifting Lives that supports the idea of improving lives through the power of music. Together, we each support the growth of the country music industry.

Do artists really golf as the Topgolf event? What country artists are known to be good golfers?

Yes, artists actually do play at the Topgolf event as it is technically a tournament.  In 2018, the team including Scotty McCreery and Russell Dickerson won the tournament.

I wasn’t able to work/attend the songwriters show last year. What is it?

Stories, Songs and Stars is an event to show off the talent of the songwriters behind the top country songs. At this event, the songwriter of the year nominees, as well as other songwriters, perform songs they have written alongside some of the artists that have adapted their songs. One of the nominee’s is presented with the “Songwriter of the Year” award this evening.

What can I be doing now to prepare for my volunteer experience?

Please use this time to learn as much as you can about the Academy of Country Music.  As an ACM Volunteer, you are an ambassador for the Academy and you will be asked a variety of questions by ACM guests, ticketholders, VIPs, and Board Members. Helpful items to research in advance: ACM History, mission, and general information; ACM Sponsors; Party for a Cause schedule of events; and ACM artists (research names, music and photos/music videos of artists that are performing or nominated for an ACM) 

Please visit our Facebook group page frequently and thoroughly review all materials emailed to you in advance. 

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